The Evanne: Swirling Secret Beauty

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Inside the seemingly drab shell of an abalone lies hidden beauty like nothing else in the sea. A notorious ocean prize, abalone shell is treasured for its secret watery world within– and the reason why our own Betty shop babe, Evanne, loves it so much. […]

Recycle. Reuse. Rad.

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Surf in the waves.

Play in the sun.

Work like a boss.

Rock Betty Belts.


Sound familiar? This, is a typical day in the life of a Betty babe.

Even though most Betty Belts pieces have extraordinarily long life spans, […]

Feelin’ Fresh in Fall

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Like the local waters here in Ventura,  a beautiful swell of awesomeness has come and taken our little ocean-inspired biz on a great ride.  
This growing wave of success is all because of you!

The love and […]

Sister Betty Bees

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The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labours for others.” –St. John Chrysostom

To truly live the life of a Betty from the heart, is to practice the daily wisdom that we are One with the Earth, the Ocean, and […]

Triangle Love

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My husband is right. I really need to start blogging more. I’ve been posting a lot on my Instagram and Facebook (@Bettybelts  follow me!) but not very much at all right here on my very own website. And there is so much to share, to […]