A Seaglass Movie

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Aloha Ocean Ohana! Sea glass brings smiles and delight to many of your beautiful faces (and fingers) out there…

But have you ever wondered how these colorful beach gems came to be?

This short film, produced and documented by David gives you a deeper insight […]

True Value

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Me playing mermaid with the  Mermaid Red Carpet Necklace

The community of sea-inspired jewelry lovers is vast, tightly knit, and passionate. Being a part of it through creating Betty designs has brought delight […]

The Evanne: Swirling Secret Beauty

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Inside the seemingly drab shell of an abalone lies hidden beauty like nothing else in the sea. A notorious ocean prize, abalone shell is treasured for its secret watery world within– and the reason why our own Betty shop babe, Evanne, loves it so much. […]

Revisiting Purpose

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Getting back to the core, that’s what this post is about. For some of you, the Betty B. story of making things with dignity in Bali is a somewhat old one…

But for others, you may have only recently been welcomed into our Ocean Ohana– […]

Sister Betty Bees

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The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labours for others.” –St. John Chrysostom

To truly live the life of a Betty from the heart, is to practice the daily wisdom that we are One with the Earth, the Ocean, and […]

Betty Belts in the Media: Donna’s a Cover Girl!

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Wow, I’m blown away!

I’m a “Cover Girl” today!

Check out this inspiring article below from this week’s VC Reporter…

Betty Belts Owner/Designer Donna von Hoesslin graces the cover of the VC Reporter with one of her all time favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo […]

A New Year of Appreciation

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The beautiful Balinese people who I have been working with for six years now on the production of Betty Belts and Betty B. can teach us a lot about generosity, love and appreciation. One thing I have never seen among the Balinese is a sense […]

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