Betty Cause Days: Hurricane Harvey Rescue

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Imagine that the world around you drowned. Your possessions, home, property, neighborhood, your whole town– under cold, dark water.

This is the devastating reality for those who’ve suffered and survived Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas this past week.

The powerful storm swept away the lives of thousands […]

Betty On Surfari: Cayden Edman Treks to Baja California

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It’s Back to School… but first, Cayden is Baja bound

As regularly as possible my friends and I love to head down the coast into Mexico to score maximal waves with minimal people. That’s usually our story.

10 Years of Betty (and a Bit More!)

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When the momentum of a wave starts, there’s nothing that can stop its path. And like the unrelenting sea, the Betty Belts wave keeps rolling. Sharing this amazing ride with you is why we keep paddling, keep working, keep dreaming and creating.

It’s been 10 beautiful […]

Why Mermaids Cry

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Millions of tons of pollution in oceans and beaches around the globe, endangered costal wildlife, alarming rising temperatures of the Earth and her precious waters… that’s why mermaids cry…

More than just one of our flagship sea glass designs, the

Feelin’ Fresh in Fall

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Like the local waters here in Ventura,  a beautiful swell of awesomeness has come and taken our little ocean-inspired biz on a great ride.  
This growing wave of success is all because of you!

The love and […]

Revisiting Purpose

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Getting back to the core, that’s what this post is about. For some of you, the Betty B. story of making things with dignity in Bali is a somewhat old one…

But for others, you may have only recently been welcomed into our Ocean Ohana– […]

Sister Betty Bees

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The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labours for others.” –St. John Chrysostom

To truly live the life of a Betty from the heart, is to practice the daily wisdom that we are One with the Earth, the Ocean, and […]

Betty B + LiV Blue = Earth Day Love

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With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.” – Sylvia Earle


Happy Earth Week Betty B Family! Every Spring […]

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