Made with Love

When we look to the Sea,

wonder is birthed,

intimacy beckons,

and we are led from one adventure to the next.

Happiness is made of such things,

creating the tapestry of a beautiful life.

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Welcome to a vibrant world of ocean inspiration!


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Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Wave Jewelry

Wave Jewelry

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New Stuff

Connecting people to the ocean—this is the goal of my work. Through creating original ocean-inspired, sustainably-made designs, I’m able to entwine a loving, conscious relationship between the sea and to those who wear and behold Betty B. jewelry and accessories.  

The Betty Belts journey began in 2003, a few years after I discovered the joy of surfing, and deep healing from simply being the ocean. Out of the water, my passion for life by sea and creative drive fused in the form of upcycled surfboard resin and sea glass jewelry designs.

With sea glass gifted from the ocean, and surfboard resin scraps (a.k.a “surfite”) sourced from local board builders, the Betty B. signature collection blossomed into meaningful and beautiful rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

I stay true to my commitment to the community of artisans who handcraft my sea glass and resin jewelry, the dreams of those whose lives are inspired by the sea, and the preservation of environment, culture, and all that is genuine.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find something to wear, share and treasure for many years to come.

With Aloha and gratitude,

Donna von Hoesslin Pu’u, Founder, Designer, Surfer, Ocean Lover, Beachcomber