Custom Betty Sea Glass Jewelry

We absolutely love to make special custom jewelry for you & your fave Ocean Lovers! It takes a little  extra time, but it is well worth the wait.

Here’s the basics…


Custom Design Fee of $10 (USD) +  Base price of the design you choose from our signature Betty collections. Example:

  • Custom Design Fee ($10) + Classic Sea Glass Necklace Base Price ($65)
  • Custom Sea Glass Necklace COST = $75*
  • *Taxes and/or shipping not included in total price

Almost all Betty designs in the bezel-set, sterling silver collections can be made into custom jewelry, but there are a few exceptions here and there.

  • 4-6 weeks on average
  • Allow for extra time around very busy holiday gifting seasons (e.g. November-January)
  • Contact us with an inquiry about placing a custom jewelry order via call/text/email at seaglass(at) We’d love to answer any questions you might have!
  • Bring, or, ship* your own sea glass to our Betty shop, and we’ll evaluate it for you.
    • *We do not cover shipping costs to initially receive your personal loose sea glass at our shop headquarters in Ventura, CA for custom jewelry orders. Our policy is the same for return shipping of any loose sea glass that does not become a custom jewelry piece, that you would like back for any reason.
  • Based on the shape and condition of the sea glass pieces, we’ll go over your best design options, pricing, the approximate time it will take to have your piece hand-crafted, and when it will be available for pick up and/or shipping.

Can’t come to Ventura & need a little guidance before sending us a special piece? Send us an email: seaglass(at), or text us at 1+(805) 648-6997 and we’ll happily walk you through the steps to get the process started.


There’s one more fabulous option you have for a custom Betty beauty. Our “Class” Ring & Pendant Collection is a great way to get to create dreamy Betty jewelry that reflects a special moment in your personal story. An obvious favorite for commemorating a graduation year, but also a birth year and/or anniversaries. Ordering one of these is easier, and just as special when you add your own personal story into the stamped details featured on these gorgeous designs.



We also take sea glass itself (genuine only) as a form of payment toward customs, so if you have some glass to spare, show us what ya got, and we will assess the value to use toward the custom.

CLICK HERE to check out our Sea Glass Buying & Trade Program for full details. Much of our glass comes from YOU, our cherished customers, found on your travels and adventures or at your local beaches. We are very grateful to receive it and transform it into more jewelry so we can share it with others who love sea glass too.