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Betty Belts is based on the Gold Coast in the beach community of Ventura, California. Owner/Designer, Donna von Hoesslin draws her inspiration from her love of the ocean, surfing, and an active lifestyle. When merged with experiences gained through 17 years of living in Europe (Berlin), she discovered a means of converting ardent passion into an elegant and very connected design modus, which gave birth to a socially conscious business that reflects the deeper values of a life lived around the sea.

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Dear Ocean Lovers,

I started this adventure in 2003 after learning to surf and discovering the joy, connectedness and balance it brings. My business is based on my love of the ocean and desire to stay connected with it. It is very fulfilling creating something beautiful and made with dignity. Something that gives back, and helps you express your love of the ocean at the same time. I love what I do, and I love connecting with like-minded individuals who appreciate authenticity, independence, and dignity.

Social and environmental responsibility have been priorities of my business since day one in March 2o03. This is nothing new to me. My goal is to continue down this road using sustainable, repurposed, recycled, organic and natural materials whenever possible. I am focused on reducing waste to a bare minimum. I consider the impact in every choice I make for my business, my home, and always look for the most sustainable method– even if it takes a lot more time and effort to find a feasible solution. Efforts like these are the foundational building blocks of hope for a better world. A cleaner, simpler and less wasteful world which we can all work toward step-by-step.

Thank you for reading this. I hope to inspire other girls and women to go their own direction, and make their work as fun and fulfilling as mine has been on this amazing adventure so far.

Thank you for visiting my home on the web. Please spread the Aloha to other Ocean Lovers!

Donna von Hoesslin ⎜ Ventura, Californiaphilosophy05

♥ Ocean  

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