Betty B. Genuine Sea Glass Guarantee

The cornerstone of our signature sea glass jewelry is founded upon using only guaranteed genuine sea glass– unaltered, found by hand on a beach by Donna, David & their trusted network of international beachcombers connected only through the love of our precious waters & passion for beach glass. Transformed at the edges of land where water meets Earth, each piece is a naturally polished, true one-of-a-kind. 

The organic shapes, colors & textures of sea glass we use vary significantly as its smoothed by sand, rocks & waves over decades– sometimes over a century. The setting of every Betty B. design is made by hand to exactly match each unique shape. Donna personally selects glass before it makes the journey to her Bali studio, where her tight-knit, highly-skilled team of silversmiths master craft each exquisite piece.

When possible, the origin of where glass was collected is stamped on our designs made with sterling silver. This is especially done for an Ocean Lover® who cares deeply about the integrity of their sea glass collection, beholding a treasure only the seashore can create from man’s trash through an eternal dance of movement, time & magic.

Our hope is to create cherished heirlooms handed down to future generations of Ocean Lovers that will one day hold these sea charms– reminding them to protect our waters, honor the planet & preserve her beauty through sustainable, soulful living. Below is our Mermaid Tear story sealed & sent with every sea glass gift from Betty Belts. 

Why Mermaids Cry.

Tears: essence of life, salt water droplets, carrying our Joy, Sadness, Pain, Compassion and Gratitude.

They matter to those who shed them, and to those who view them.

The Mermaid Tear is the refuse of civilization thrown into the sea, shaped by her, and placed into the hands of ocean loving beach combers.

It is an Ocean talisman symbolizing both question and answer.

How do we create a healthier happier planet?

By caring enough about the Ocean to wear the Mermaid’s Tear as a reminder to act with compassion and intelligence.

It is our prayer that one day, there will be no more tears. Then the Mermaid Tear will be something handed down to the children, a symbol of a time when we cared enough to be the change.

A Sea Glass Movie

This short film, produced and documented by David gives you a deeper insight into the journey of how the Betty B. Family–and Donna’s life –began revolving around sea glass, connecting to those who collect it, and bringing her and David to shores around the world on a sparkling hunt. Enjoy!