From the beginning in 2003, I created original signature Betty Belts designs for a true Ocean Lover® — one who is deeply inspired by a life lived in & near the sea.

Betty B. offers a world of ocean-inspired collections made of high quality materials, primarily made with solid sterling silver with genuine sea glass, proprietary surf resin (surfite), semi-precious stones, natural sea shells, pearls & wood.

Though we do our very best to make sure our jewelry is as clearly identifiable as possible with signature markings & high-quality craftsmanship, it can still be very difficult to tell the difference from a copy & a bona fide Betty design. A few key markings will help you distinguish our original products from copies. 


Our standard maker’s mark of an authentic Betty Belts design is “DvH”, which stands for Donna Von Hoesslin, the Designer & Owner/Operator of Betty Belts.

The ocean & “ocean lover” stamps imprinted into very special flagship Wave & Sea Glass Collections are an indicator of a genuine Betty product & proud symbol for a relentless Ocean Lover®.

Another authentic marking of Betty B. jewelry is our Betty Flower logo imprinted into the bail of a sterling silver pendant.  


All Betty B. sterling silver jewelry is stamped with the quality mark indicating purity of the silver: .925 (92.5% pure silver).


Our signature sea glass designs are exclusively made with only guaranteed genuine sea glass— unaltered, found by hand on a beach. When possible, the origin of where the glass was collected is stamped on our sea glass & silver designs. This is especially done for an Ocean Lover® who cares very passionately about the unique, organic state of their sea glass collection, beholding a true treasure only the sea & shore can create through an eternal dance of movement, time & magic.