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Betty Belts Philosophy

Any who possess a respect and connection to the ocean, earth and humanity, will endeavor to apply those merits to every aspect of life.  A positive effect is generated when we make good, sound, connected choices. So the manner in which we operate, both as an organization and as individuals, matters– every little thing we do helps to sustain a healthy world.

Donna’s designs are Made with Dignity on the beautiful Island of Bali and in California.  By design, Donna has been collaborating with independent artisans who set their own price and pace. Our Balinese headquarters are run with love and skill by Donna’s Balinese soul sister, a woman of equal passion and mind set, who employs a growing staff of mostly women from the local community.

Betty Belts Gives Back

Donna believes in giving back by supporting a multitude of near and faraway causes both environmental and educational including several local schools, sponsorship of women’s surf athletes and events, via 1% For The Planet Membership, Green America Certification, and through many more purpose driven programs.