Betty Brand FAQ

Founder & Designer of Betty Belts, Donna von Hosslin dishes her A’s to some very important Q’s about official Betty Brand designs made for Ocean Lovers®.

  • Who makes your jewelry?

    We have an incredible team of talented silversmiths in Bali who handcraft every single piece of Betty jewelry. We work closely with our team and adapt to the unique lifestyle of the Balinese people, working with our needs as well as theirs to create the jewelry you see in our shop. We also have local studios of creatives that help us craft some other items, like our screen-printed threads and California-sourced surf resin!

  • Where do you get all your sea glass?

    All over the world! Our sea glass mainly comes from countries like Japan, France, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and the United States (including a few special pieces found in Ventura!).

    Seaglass is a form of currency here, so if you’re a Beachcomber, so here's info on how it works! 

  • Is your sea glass genuine? Do you shape it in any way?

    Never manufactured-- its always genuine, found on a beach, hand picked with delight, shaped only by the ocean.

  • What does Made with Dignity mean?

    In short, this means you can expect the best quality from Betty. Through our everyday business practices, we enrich and sustainably support our cherished relationships and environment on every level. Our private studio in Bali balances work with the traditional Balinese lifestyle where they celebrate per year while simultaneously crafting the jewelry you know and love.


    Find more in-depth information about how we care for our craft on our blog!

  • Where do you get your design concepts?

    Our founder and designer, Donna von Hoesslin, expands on her inspiration:

    “I founded this company based on the inspiration I received from the ocean while being impacted by it my entire life. Because the water has given me so much joy, those concepts were turned into tangible works of art, so that I could share the joy and wonder the sea offers with others! Now, I intend to inspire other amazing women and men alike with my designs, focusing on spreading confidence and the goodness of God through everything we produce. I hope to integrate more of God’s creation as time continues and the brand grows!"

  • Where does the name Betty Belts come from?

    The answer to this is twofold. Firstly, the term ‘Betty’ is actually an old-school term for a woman who surfs. More often than not, this term would be used to compliment women of insane talent who were role models for those around them. As Donna, our founder and designer, developed her ocean-inspired business, she began with selling unique belt designs in 2003. When naming the brand, she knew ‘betty’ would be the perfect term to encompass the fierce women she was creating the brand for, including herself, so Betty Belts was born!

  • How do you name your designs?

    Our jewelry is named based on a variety of things; most typically, the pieces are inspired by a certain person or place, or even different terms for the ocean. You’ll notice some of our jewelry is named after awesome women who have impacted the brand, like our Team Riders, staff and friends! Find more info on the names behind the designs here.

  • What materials are used in your jewelry?

    All of our silver jewelry is 925 sterling silver; the most durable form of silver jewelry.

    All our gold jewelry is made with a thick layer of 24-carat gold vermeil over our 925 sterling silver base (click here to find more in-depth information on our gold)!

    Finally, our cord is made of high-quality fibers that are extremely durable.

    While we stand behind the quality of our handcrafted jewelry and threads, it’s always important to take proper care of your Bettys to keep them looking good.

  • Do you shape or tumble your sea glass at all?

    How you find your glass on the beach is how you’ll find it within our designs--we never manufacture or alter the shape of our sea glass! It’s always genuine, hand-picked, and shaped only by the ocean.

  • What does Made With Dignity Mean?

    It means, through our business practice we enrich and sustainably support our cherished relationships and environment on every level.

    You'll find more in-depth information about how Betty Belts practices this on our blog.

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