Betty B. Jewelry Care & FAQ

    We’re so glad you’re here to learn all the tips and tricks to keeping your Bettys looking fresh! Jewelry care is different based on each unique material we use, so follow the dropdown lists below to find the guide you need!
  • 925 Sterling Silver

    We recommend removing sterling chains & clasped cords when sleeping, cleaning, doing outdoor or yard work, applying makeup & body products, exercising, and in rain or other bodies of water. Avoid wearing any jewelry at any time when using chemicals, especially hydrogen peroxide or bleach, dipping into a chlorinated pool or hot tub. Jewelry will instantly tarnish in either situation! 

    • Click here to read more in-depth information about how to care for your sterling silver!  
  • Surf Resin (Surfite)

    Our surf resin pieces are incredibly durable and made to last, however, they do require the proper care! Due to the natural strength of resin, your jewelry has very simple care instructions. Be sure to stay away from harsh chemicals or sharp/rough surfaces to preserve the integrity of the jewelry. 

    • If the setting of your resin piece is silver, see our silver care page. If your resin came attached to our hand-braided cords, then check out our cord care page. 
  • Pearls and Shells

    These precious pearls and shells require a little more love and attention due to their natural needs (i.e. oxygen and moisture). The main things to know are to keep these pieces in open air, out of the sun, and away from any hard or sharp objects/surfaces to avoid abrasion. Natural pearls and shells can scratch a little easier than other materials, such as resin or sea glass.  

    • Click here to read more in-depth information about how to care for your pearls and shells! 
  • Hand Braided Cord

    Our hand-braided cords are durable enough to withstand everyday wear, bodies of water, and most activities. Keep your braided cords away from any super harsh chemicals that may damage the integrity of the cord, and you're all good! 

    • Check out our blog page for more information on cord care!
  • Gold Vermeil

    The most important part of care for your Betty jewelry made with gold vermeil is to take it off during an activity that might damage the 24K golden finish. We create our gold with a 925 sterling silver base. Gold is a soft metal, so anything abrasive or chemically harsh will scratch or compromise the gold surface, leaving the silver base to show. Be especially careful in chlorinated water, as this is incredibly damaging to the jewelry! 

    • Click here to read more in-depth information about how to care for your gold!  
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