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Betty B. Circle of Love

A full, magical circle-- that's what's made when we send a Betty B. ring on an international journey around the world to a far away customer. From balmy beaches to distant deserts, the sea glass, shells, pearls, and natural stones used in our jewelry travels to us from far corners of the [...]


Our small team of Betty B. elves are working extra hard to get your gifts from under the sea to under your tree! We've extended shop hours as listed below. Please note, (+) means we'll likely stay open later than the listed closing time. ______________________________________________________________________________________ December 4th: 11am [...]

We don’t do Black Friday… and here’s why.

Why we created Bright Friday and the No More Black Friday credo Every year, we choose to raise the bar on the first "shopping day" of the Holidays, by holding a Betty Belts Cause Day (one of many over the years benefitting various causes we believe in).  We are [...]


For those of you who get curious about their far off adventures, here's a glimpse into life on the road  to Bali with David & Donna. From David's Blog... Life as a Ceremony Days and nights have been full of image creation. My little MBP [...]

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