Our family of beach combers has grown internationally over the years. Now sea glass comes to us from around the world. Despite any distance, we stay closely connected to our community of Ocean (and sea glass) Lovers.

Got some glass to spare & interested in being a part of it? We’ll gladly take your sea glass!  Genuine only, found-by-hand of course.

Calling all sea glass collectors! We’d love to connect:

  1. Email Donna at seaglass(at)bettybelts.com
  2. Have fun sorting your sea glass. Tip! Rare colors have a much higher value.
  3. Bring or send your sea glass to the Betty Shop HQ at 12 N. Fir, Ventura, California 93001
  4. Consider trading your glass for a custom piece of Betty jewelry made with your own sea glass! You’ll cherish it so much more as a great piece you can wear instead of it sitting in a jar, on a shelf collecting dust.
  5. Go on more sea glass hunting adventures!