Burning for a new Betty, but feel like you already have too many to justify shopping for more? Or maybe you’ve thought, “I wish I could trade this perfectly good Betty ring for a new or different one.”

…Well now you can! 

Introducing the Betty Buyback Program! 

Refresh your Betty collection by bringing in your gently worn sterling silver or gold vermeil jewels and get up to 40% back from your original purchase to spend on something new! 

So instead of becoming dusty clutter in your space, your pre-owned silver Betty jewelry becomes new treasure for someone else. Win, win, win. Happy trading, beautiful!



Important things to know:

The Betty Buyback Program is available in-store at our Flagship Betty Shop in Ventura, CA location, and via mail. Limitations apply:

  • ONLY ITEMS MADE WITH PRIMARILY STERLING SILVER or GOLD VERMEIL are accepted for our Bettybuyback Program — i.e. rings, pendants, etc. (not accepted: braided items, apparel, home goods, and other misc. accessories not made predominantly of silver)
  • Betty Buyback store credit is issued on a sliding scale percentage based on the condition of your worn jewelry, with a max value of 40% of the full retail price when the item was originally purchased.
  • Betty Buyback store credit never expires.
  • Betty Buyback store credit is not valid on purchases of Betty Gift Cards.
  • Items that are not accepted for re-sale, can still be accepted for a Betty Recycling Credit if your worn jewelry meets the Betty Recycling Program conditions >>CLICK HERE<< for details.
  • Items originally purchased on SALE and/or FINAL SALE are not accepted.*
    • *Exceptions can be made on select items and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Here’s how it works:

    • Bring, or ship your pre-loved Betty jewelry to our Betty Shop in Downtown Ventura, and we’ll evaluate it for you.
    • If shipping your items, please contact us at [email protected] to get the process started.
    • Based on the condition of your jewelry piece(s), we’ll issue your Betty shopping credit (or recycling credit) after inspection and approval. Once processed into your Betty account, it can be instantly used in-store or online for the purchase of new beautiful Bettys. Or, we’ll keep it in our system ready to use on your next visit, or, to use online as you wish.
    • Buybacks are thoroughly sanitized before being put back into stock as Pre-loved Bettys for resale.


    Still not sure if you can trade your Betty? Just contact us with a detailed description of your concern with photos if possible. We’re super happy to hear from you and answer your questions.