David Pu’u  Photography & Cinematography

David Puu Photography and Cinematography

David Pu’u Photography Online gallery shop coming soon!

Submerge yourself into a serene space created to feel reverie for our sacred ocean, and all of her beauty and blessings.

The Ocean Room Gallery and Studio is an exciting expansion of our beachside shop in Ventura, California.

Exhibiting the evocative art and photography of David Pu’u– Donna & David collaborated to design this sea themed gallery as a place to invite their Ocean Ohana, and immerse them in a watery world of imagery that inspires the ever-evolving product line and brand culture of Betty Belts.

Here is the place you can find and select ocean themed art for your home, office, and interior design projects. It is custom printed, signed and delivered ready to hang (with the exception of photo paper prints, those are rolled) at the gallery or to your door, in about 10 business days.

Our Photographer is David Pu’u, an internationally recognized Cinematographer and Writer, with experience ranging from news and magazine editorial work, fashion and brand development, to television and feature film production.

The Ocean Room Gallery Collection is a cull of hundreds of subjects and over a million images, with the intention of being solely focused on the Ocean and Beauty.

In it are famous works that have graced magazine covers, spreads, and been in various books, gallery, and museum-based projects, as well as many of our personal image favorites, never before seen or published.

With Water, Nature and Art being lifelong studies and passions David has always been connected to water and continues to be one of the more prolific photographers and content producers of this era.