Betty B. Upcycled Surfboard Resin Guarantee

The art of upcycling–that is what we’ve accomplished with the Betty B. Collection of signature surfboard resin jewelry (aka Surfite). 

Our surfite designs are made exclusively from reinvented surfboard resin. Collaborating with local board builders, we’ve developed an innovative process to capture excess resin from board making– which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill as left over byproduct material. Instead of adding to piles of toxic, non biodegradable waste, we turn it into wearable art.

Our proprietary method creates durable, yet lightweight & fashionable jewelry. Each piece is craftsman quality & guaranteed. It’s not easy, but it’s SO worth it!

“This took a lot of ingenuity to figure out: how to turn surfboard lamination waste into a durable product. One of a myriad number of artisan crafted designs. Upcycling is tricky, as most synthetic polymers are designed for very specific usages.

In the case of Donna’s jewelry designs the process she came up with made those beautiful but brittle slabs of resin we used to have to throw in the dumpster every few months, avoid the landfill now. I like that and this: every color is a custom board that somebody is riding.” – David Pu’u, former Surfboard Industry Master Craftsman

With every Surf Resin Jewelry Design, we seal & send this message:

 From Trash to Treasure

We upcycle the leftover resin from surfboard building to make one-of-a-kind pieces with a story. Each color stripe is scrap from a hand-crafted board made in California. These boards ride waves all over the world, always keeping you connected to the ocean.

Our hope is to create cherished heirlooms handed down to future generations of Ocean Lovers that will one day hold these surf charms– reminding them to protect our waters, honor the planet & preserve her beauty through sustainable, soulful living.