February feels are all about LOVING the people and things that stoke you out most! Which is why we’re totally swooning over one of our newest Team Surfers as Betty of the Month, Sophia Jamgochian. She’s crushing hard on everything from epic travel with fam, time with Galentines & dancing— on and off her board! What’s not to love?! We got the latest, this is what she shared…

I’m really into dancing right now. I have been taking Latin and ballroom classes for the last couple years and it’s lots of fun. I always feel very happy after a long class… Seeing Betty Girls in the line up gets me really stoked. Whenever I see a person with their sparkly Betty rings or necklaces on, it makes me feel a sense of community and genuine happiness.”

My goals for 2024 are to compete in the Queen of the Point, and to complete my first year at college.”

WE ADORE YOU SOPHIA!!! 💕  Follow her adventures @sophia.jamgochian & @bettybelts


“My fave Betty design is the Caden Mini! It’s so cute!”