Name: Annalie Sherman Ilagan
Social: @annalieilagan
Favorite BB Designs: I love all the BB designs, but some of my favorites are the Seaglass Friendship Bracelet, Blue Wave Ring, Circle Wave Necklace, and can’t go wrong with the Classic Seaglass Ring!
Home break: C-Street – Ventura, CA
Dream surf spot: Noosa, Australia // Saladita, Mexico // Scorpion Bay, Mexico // La Union, Philippines
Go-to board (shaper and specs): “Annalie” model shaped by Ahoi Surfcrafts – 9’6″ x 23 1/4 x 3″
Surfing milestones: Ranking first place in Scholastic Surf Series 2016 for women’s longboard from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. Working for Ventura Makos as a surf instructor teaching the pure stoke of surfing to all the groms! Receiving first place for women’s longboard at the California Street Classic 2018, and second place in 2017.
Sponsors: Betty Belts / Ahoi Surfcrafts / Jeux De Vagues Swimwear / Dorsal Fins
I love the ocean because… it brings me to a peaceful state and I always feel refreshed after. I love the fact that there is a sense of community in the ocean, it is almost like being with a big family! The ocean has truly influenced my lifestyle and who I am as a person.