“Waves are a metaphor for the flow of a life. Born in the union of diverse elements, and destined for a shore beyond the far horizon.” – David Pu’u


A wave is birthed when the first wind of a growing storm blows upon the glimmering surface of a sea, thousands of miles away from the beach on which it breaks.

The story of the Betty B. Signature Wave design begins much like this timeless phenomenon.

Its inspiration swelled long before its first release in 2006.  Initially created to generate proceeds towards Surfaid International, the Betty B. Wave became the first of many Cause Collection designs. The Wave has since become a kind of internationally adopted symbol for ocean lovers, much like the peace sign.


The 1st Surfaid Cause Collection Wave

The now iconic symbol took many forms in the beginning including a necklace made of a wood and sterling pendant on a leather cord, a buckle on a coconut bead stretch belt, and a pure wood pendant.

Later incarnations include earrings, cuffs, keychains, and of course our quintessential silver charm introduced in 2008 that represents “ocean inspired jewelry” on Etsy and beyond.

Sea glass + Wave

Sea glass + Signature Betty Wave

Sterling studs

Betty Wave stud earrings

The Wave is worn to symbolize joyous living by the sea, a deep love for surf, and passion for adventure. There’s no greater expression of that than when Donna and David exchanged wedding rings in a specially designed Wave band in 2012.

David and Donna's wedding bands, designed by Donna

David and Donna’s wedding bands, designed by Donna

Ever since, many ocean loving couples have expressed that same beautiful bond they have with nature and each other with Wave engagement, and wedding rings.

Sterling Wave Band Ring

Even over the course of nearly a decade, this simple yet evocative form continues to inspire Donna.

The Betty B. Wave story continues to roll on with the most recent rendition released in 24 gold plated brass, which reflects the elegance nature lends to our manmade creations.