Product Description

Dimensions (size of glass) on all settings ($44-$118):

  • MICRO Single Band/Single Bezel .20-.25 in. (50 – 76 mm)
  • MINI Single Band/Single Bezel .25-.35 in. (64 – 89 mm)
  • MEDIUM Single Band/Single Bezel .50-.60 in (1.25 – 1.50 cm) (dime size)
  • CLASSIC Double Band/Double Bezel .5 – .75 in (1.25 – 1.9 cm) (dime to nickel size)
  • CLASSIC MEGA Double Band/Double Bezel 1 – 1.2 in (2.5 – 3 cm) (quarter size)
  • BOX BEZEL Style .50 – .60 in (1.25 – 1.5 cm) (bit smaller than a dime)
  • ADJUSTABLE .25 -.35 in (64 – 89 mm) Band width .5 in (1.25 cm)
  • SIRENA 1″ tall (2.5 cm) (about the size of a quarter)
  • CAYDEN tribal dots .5-.75″ tall (1.3 – 1.9 cm) including frame. (between dime and nickel sized)

Please view GALLERY below to see examples pictures of what these styles and colors look like. The cart will not show a picture of selected style.

Don’t see the color in the gallery on this page? View all colors here.

Hand made from guaranteed genuine sea glass with solid .925 sterling silver. Donna personally selects and designs each piece before they go to her Bali studio, where her highly skilled team of silver smiths make each exquisite bezel setting by hand.

  • Genuine, found sea glass
  • Unaltered, shaped by the ocean
  • Sea Glass origin stamp on bezel
  • Recycled-Repurposed
  • Hand made
  • Nickel free .925 sterling silver
  • Guaranteed
  • Always made with dignity

About ordering our Sea Glass Rings: We love rings and have what is likely the largest selection of sea glass rings anywhere (1000+) in stock at any given time. We almost always have sea foam, green, white and amber-orange in stock. Other shades like cobalt, cornflower, sea foam, grey, olive, red, teal and aqua are more rare and not always in stock in every style and size. It helps to find a match if you add alternate sizes (and color choices) to your order in the comment area. If we don’t have your size/color, we will contact you and/or upgrade you. If we cannot come up with a suitable alternative, we will refund your money. Email us for pictures if you are looking for something specific.

Please note: the organic shapes and colors of sea glass vary because they are shaped by the ocean and sand over literally decades, made from broken glass that ended up on the beach. Trash turned to treaure. Find out more about sea glass.

Many more sea glass designs and colors available in the Betty B. retail store in Ventura, including rare colors in Donna’s “Secret Stash”. Contact us with what you have in mind and we can send pictures of what we have available for purchase. We can also do custom orders of any of the styles you see on the website with your own sea glass.