To extend the life of your beautiful golden Betty treasures, we have a sweet option!  
Did you know you can get your favorite Gold Betty jewelry refreshed a with gold vermeil dip?

What’s that mean? Oh, it’s just a fancy way of saying we can re-plate your gold Bettys with another thick 24K coat at our Bali studio, making them like new again.


Even though our pieces are made with much higher quality than most gold plated jewelry you’ll find out there, eventually (after many moons, and lots of loving wear) the gold vermeil layer will fade over a length of time, and the solid sterling silver base will start to shimmer through. With this special option, you can enjoy that golden sheen of your Bettys longer.

Oh, and something important to mention is that our re-plating service is recommended only for pieces you’re VERY attached to, everything else should be turned in to us for recycling (link button below) and you’ll receive a small credit toward a new one.

Betty Re-dip varies in price (generally $30-$40)* and has a 1-3 month turnaround. Questions? Get in touch & we’ll be happy to help.