Top Care Tips for Betty B. Braided & Macramé Jewelry

All day every day– that’s how most Bettys wear their braids. Well, at least our fun micro braided jewelry anyway… So here’s a few top tips on how to love your braided Bettys, from our best-selling bestie friendship bracelets, to our threaded pearls & gemstones.

 #1  Give it a look over 

Seems obvious, but this is a hard one for you surfers, beach babes & sporty sisters who practically live in Betty B. braided bracelets, necklaces & anklets non-stop. If you’re never giving the jewelry a break, one really sad thing could happen–

  • It could get lost. A tug from taking off a wet-suit or skinny jeans could compromise the clasp, closures, or braid work. When this happens, it’s too easy for jewelry to fall off without you noticing. So it’s a really good idea to check on how your fave BB pieces are holding up to work, play & Betty life in general. If you notice wear & tear that could cause it to fall off, bring/send it on back & we’re happy to help:
    • We can easily fix an opened clasp with a pair of round-nose jewelry pliers at the shop, or it’s a simple DIY project at home.
    • With normal wear, all braided Betty jewels are under a 6-month to 1-year guarantee as follows:
      • If it’s our fault it broke (manufacturing defect)– we’ve got you covered with a replacement.
      • If it’s yours (say… your dog chewed it up, or you snagged it hard on an adventure) then we’ll honor a Recycling Credit.
    • If the guarantee has lapsed, we’ll still provide you with a Recycling Credit for most designs you bring/send back.

 #2  Give ’em a wash & dry every now & then

Because it’s so easy to leave on our braided Bettys, they tend to get a bit grubby.

From our most Basic Cord, to our intricate Adina Pearl & Gemstone styles, a simple hand wash with mild soap & a hang dry will keep the thread fresh. Sweat, sunscreen, makeup, saltwater & dirt can cause pieces to look dingy (especially light colors).

 #3  Keep them away & out of chemicals

For the same reason non-stop wear & gunk can leave your braids looking shabby,  the same goes for chemicals. The most common offenders are harsh cleaning products, bleach (including chlorine)  & body products such as lotions & fragrances. Taking off your jewelry while handing these things, or taking a dip in chlorinated water is best for keeping your Betty braids beautiful.