Name: Luella Pace

Social: @LuellaPace

Fave Betty designs: Briana Pearl Choker / Wood Wave Friendship Bracelet / Olas Wave Ring

Home break: Ventura, California – Ventura, Point (Pipes)

Dream surf spot: Maria’s at Rincon, CA/ Puerto Rico / Byron Bay, Australia / Ragland, New Zealand

Go-to  board: Custom by John Simon / 5’6.5”x19 3/4x 2.10”

I love the ocean because: …I love the ocean because Of how peaceful it feels out there, even when it’s wild, it brings a peaceful feeling to be out in it. I love the salt. I love the feeling of being lifted up in the waves. I love how it feels like a whole different world, like a natural playground. I love that it constantly changes: the waves, the current, the temperature, the colors, the creatures that show up. I just feel my happiest when I’m in the ocean!

Career Milestones:

Jumping into the longboard division last minute in the C Street classic, not knowing how to longboard, earning 3rd place, and discovering how fun longboarding is!

Being the youngest girl in my age division competing in the Rincon Classic, surfing HUGE waves.

Being able to duck dive in all kinds of waves.