Name: Marion Setterholm Clark

Fave Betty design: OMG ALL of them!  Currently the Whitewater Ring and the Sea Ring. 

Home break: Bay Street, Santa Monica

Dream surf spot: Tropical island lefts and any wave that demands me to earn my ocean stripes

Go-to board: Jose Barahonashapes custom high performance 9’0” with a squash tail and a 2 + 1 fin set up; and a custom 6’0” thruster 

Sponsors: Bettybelts, Pau Pilau, Body Glove, Coolies, KaimanaHawaii 

Social: @maliona68@surf_academy@surfbusfoundation

I love the ocean because… she has been a part of the very best and very worst experiences of my life, and held me together during both.

Career Milestones:  Taking over the Surf Academy in 2010 after my mom retired; Winning the LA2050 $100,000 PLAY grant in 2017 for Surf Bus Foundation; creating a surf PE program for the City of Santa Monica in 2010 that is stronger and more popular than ever; Designing the kind of life where I get to travel the world and share stoke.