Michelle Watson-Wolfe

Name: Michelle Watson

AKA: Michelle “Wolfe”

Fave Betty design: Adina pearl choker with black pearl charm

Home break: Ventura (every spot between Ventura Harbor & Rincon)

Dream surf spot: There are a lot of places on my surfing bucket list but the Maldives would be a dream

Go to  board: My current magic board is my 5’7″ “El Tormentor” shaped by Roberts Surfboards

Sponsors: Roberts Surfboards & Betty Belts

Social: @returntothesea

I love the ocean because: It brings me calmness, happiness, and keeps me healthy. It connects us all as one and strengthens the bond of humanity. I could not live without being on or near the ocean.

Career Milestones:

I would have to say that my greatest achievement is that after many, many years of surfing I am still just as excited and grateful to paddle out and witness the beauty that surrounds me as if it were my first time. After surfing for more than 20 years I surf and train every day no matter what the conditions are!

My second greatest achievement has been producing my film series “Return to the Sea- A journey into the souls of female surfers and cultures around the world”. I began this project with what little money I had in my pocket and I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish and forever grateful for the sweet friendships that I have made along the way. I hope to continue to film, share, and inspire.