Top Care Tips for Betty B. Pearl & Shell Jewelry

Enchantment & elegance of the sea, that’s why pearls (& shells) are a mermaid girl’s best friend… So here’s a few top tips on how to love your Pearl & Shell Betty jewels–from our every day Emma & Briana looks, to our alluring AdinaEvanne collections.

#1 Store with Love & Care 

It’s best to keep your pearls & shells away from other objects or jewelry that could scratch their surfaces. A soft place for storage such as a jewelry box lined with velveteen, a fabric pouch, or simply wrapped in a soft cloth in a safe place is best.

#2 Be Aware of the Elements

Pearls & shells are organic ocean treasures that needed oxygen & moisture to grow. The same applies when they become jewelry. For this reason, don’t keep them in super airtight storage– such as a sealed plastic zip top bag– for a prolonged amount of time (temporary storage in plastic bags for travel is fine)– but when left in an environment that’s too dry & hot for too long, they could start to crack over time.

Continuous & frequent sun exposure to certain shells such as Abalone will eventually sun bleach them. When this happens they’ll look faded, or deep shades & colors will lighten up. So make sure these precious one of a kind pieces are kept out of the sun’s direct rays while being stored away.

#3 Pearls, Shells, Chemicals & Acid Don’t Mix

Keep pearls away from contact with chlorine bleach, vinegar, ammonia, hairspray, perfume, cream cosmetics & cleaning products. All of these substances could damage the beauty of a natural pearl or shell’s surface. Make sure to…

  • Remove pearl & shell jewelry when:
    • Cleaning
    • Dipping into a chlorinated pool or hot tub
    • Applying makeup & body products
    • Exercising to keep them away from perspiration & potential acidity
  • Put jewelry on after spraying perfume, hairspray & putting on makeup.

Neglecting to do so could expose your natural Betty beauties to substances that can erode & deteriorate them, leaving them looking mis-shaped and/or distressed.

#4 Pearls & Shells Loved to be Polished

Mother nature worked hard to create these lovely sea gems for us to enjoy. But, it’s far easier for you to keep her masterpieces lustrous & pretty with a little light cleaning & easy polishing:

  • DO
    • … wipe & wash them gently with a soft cloth dipped in warm water to remove surface dirt, excess body oil, or make up after wearing. Microfiber, lint-free soft cotton, or plush paper towel are all good choices.
    • … be sure pearls & shells are completely dry before storing & wearing again.
    • … give them back their gloss & glimmer with a light application of natural oil such as coconut, mineral, or jojoba.
  • DON’T
    • … ever put pearls or shells in any silver cleaning liquid or solutions or harsh detergents.
    • … submerge pearls or shells in cleaning liquid or solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents.
    • … rub pearls or shells with an abrasive polishing cloth. This can wear away the natural iridescent nacre coating, leaving you with a drab looking surface.
    • …ever put pearl or shell jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner. The vibrations can also severely damage nacre.
    • … over clean your pearls or shells too often. Doing so will dull out the natural beauty & finish.