Top Care Tips for Betty B. Surfite Jewelry

Bold, fun & free in the sea, are the kind of babes who rock our signature Surfboard Resin Designs. But it’s exactly the kind of work hard, play harder life of a surf chick or beach babe that can sadly cause resin jewelry to break or get damaged.

So here’s our top 3 tips on how to love your Surfite Bettys…

#1 Store & Wear with Love & Care

To prevent scratches, it’s best to store & keep your surf resin away from sharp or jagged objects (including other jewelry) & rough surfaces. Storage in a jewelry box lined with velveteen, a fabric pouch, or simply in a safe spot where it won’t get banged around is best. 

#2 Avoid Hard Surfaces, Harsh Chemicals & Extreme Heat 

Though we’ve deigned our surf resin goodies to be super durable for the fun, busy life of a Betty, make sure to remove jewelry when doing the following:

  • Exercising, to prevent breaks or chips from handling heavy equipment and/or gear
  • Cleaning with products that contain chemicals
  • Submerging into a chlorinated pool or hot tub
  • In direct contact with extreme heat (over a stove top or oven)
  • Applying makeup & body products

Put jewelry on after spraying perfume, hair or cream products & putting on makeup– neglecting to do so could expose your surf resin jewels to substances that can leave the surface with a sticky residue & attract dirt build-up.

#3 Give Surfite Gems a Quick & Easy Cleaning

Betty surfite jewelry is designed to last. So after months (or years) of wear, it’s nice to spruce them up & keep them clean with a simple wash of warm water & mild dish soap, with a soft sponge or cloth. Dish soap is meant to cut grease, so it’ll do the same for the natural body oil that will accumulate on your resin jewelry from normal wear.

If cleaning resin jewelry set in sterling silver, make sure pieces are completely dry before storing or wearing again to prevent tarnish. On that note, check out or super helpful page on How to Love Your Betty Silver.