Betty does things different, more special…

We take pride in going the extra mile (and then some) for you. Click on the links below for more info on our super special services (*indicates holiday info)

CUSTOM SEA GLASS JEWELRY – Please note the deadline has lapsed for 12/25/23 completion* Orders still accepted, but process may take longer than usual during the holiday season.

Dreaming of turning your most-prized, or sentimental sea glass into fab Betty jewelry? We’ll turn that dream into reality.


You’re tying the knot! Bridesmaids, mamas & flower girls will love these special sea-inspired gifts long after they walk the aisle with you.

TEAM & GROUP GIFTS – A great option for bulk discount holiday gifting*

Have an awesome team, group, or event that needs sweet thank you shwag? We’re into that, and have the perfect things to stoke them (and you) out.

REMOTE PERSONAL SHOPPING – Limited during the holiday season*

Are you a big fan of shopping in comfy pants on your couch? Us too. Let’s do it together.

RESERVED SHOPPING – 2-day advance notice minimum during the holiday season*

We gladly offer shopping reservation times/dates to our at-risk folks with health conditions and/or those with special needs.


Got a busted or bent up Betty from non-stop wear. It happens. No worries. Find out how to return it, and we’ll transform it into recycling gold (well, in our case … silver, pearls, or gems).


No more guessing ring sizes. Get the perfect fit every time with our nifty sizing services & tips.

SEA GLASS BUYING & TRADE- Limited during the holiday season*

Beach money. That’s what our beach-combing buddies call sea glass, and that’s how we treat it. Got a pile collecting dust? We’ll take it and turn it into shiny treasure.