Surfer Susie

Name: Susie Terry

AKA: Surfer Susie

Fave Betty design: Pretty much EVERYTHING, but here’s a few… anything ‘WAVE’, Adina designs, Courtney midi-ring & toe rings.

Home break: Faria (ok, I’m old )

Dream surf spot: My ‘old’ breaks: the Point, Tanks, Stanleys & my all time fave, the Oil Piers…would looove to surf Waikiki (bucket list)

Go-to  board: You get old & gotta modify & since I ONLY knee paddle, I’m riding a 9’6” Surf Tech (easy on my knees!) … Love a 10’ when real small!

Social: @surfersusie66

I love the ocean because:  …of its vastness, beauty, energy, strength, sounds & the way it makes me feel just looking at it. It excites me when it’s stormy, it calms me when it’s glassy, it makes me happy when I’m walking out in it & it makes me feel young! That’s the best!

Career Milestones: Being the ONLY girl surfer at Ventura High School in the early 60’s was freakin’ amazing… & still being able to SURF NOW is huge. I have limitations, but fun & small surf works every time. I prefer still being that soul surfer, it just works for me!