Name: Susie Terry

AKA: Surfer Susie

Fave Betty design: Pretty much EVERYTHING, but here’s a few… anything ‘WAVE’, Adina designs, Courtney midi-ring & toe rings.

Home break: Faria (ok, I’m old )

Dream surf spot: My ‘old’ breaks: the Point, Tanks, Stanleys & my all time fave, the Oil Piers…would looove to surf Waikiki (bucket list)

Go-to  board: You get old & gotta modify & since I ONLY knee paddle, I’m riding a 9’6” Surf Tech (easy on my knees!) … Love a 10’ when real small!

Social: @surfersusie66

I love the ocean because:  …of its vastness, beauty, energy, strength, sounds & the way it makes me feel just looking at it. It excites me when it’s stormy, it calms me when it’s glassy, it makes me happy when I’m walking out in it & it makes me feel young! That’s the best!

Career Milestones: Being the ONLY girl surfer at Ventura High School in the early 60’s was freakin’ amazing… & still being able to SURF NOW is huge. I have limitations, but fun & small surf works every time. I prefer still being that soul surfer, it just works for me!

How she found Betty:

One day after surfing I was visiting with Kim Murphy, HAOLE & PRIMOS MOM & noticed this BITCHEN’ coke bottle colored ring she was wearing. Upon closer look I was like I GOTTA HAVE ME ONE OF THOSE! She told me she got it at ‘Betty Belts, in Downtown Ventura, at a jewelry store, and very beachy place.’
I was like …Betty who ?????!!!! Ok here goes the self motivated girl again, the very NEXT DAY I WENT SHOPPIN’ in search of this Betty Belts store & bought my own SEA GLASS RING! The rest is HISTORY!
One thing I will always cherish is taking my Squid 1, Courtney (one of 3 grandkids), Betty shopping & the many many fun trips her & I spent traveling & shopping ’til we drop days at Betty’s! She became a believer too, as you know, a Betty Staffer as well. AND EVEN HAS THE “Courtney Ring” named after her & is still a widely popular design! GOOD TIMES GOOD TIMES!
We had a fun chat to get the latest on her days. Here’s some highlights from her seriously cool life story… 
“Since I’m retired & not a professional surfer my goals are pretty simple…. Stay healthy & Keep surfin’! I spent 30 plus years in the Fitness Industry, what a fantastic career… it’s definitely paid off, ha! I’m what you call an exercise fanatic, or as friends & family refer to as an annoying in your face cheerleader. Exercise is an everyday thang for me & the words ‘self motivated’ has my pic beside it. I have my limitations but I can live with that.
I got into SURFING as a result of my Aunt taking me to see the original “GIDGET” movie. I was mesmerized & inspired. I had been swimming since my Dad threw me in a pool at the age of 6 months old, spent years training & swimming on a Saticoy swim team so water was IN MY BLOOD, apparently! Told my Mom & Dad I wanted to b a Surfer & they said OF COURSE. Gosh growing up in the the 1950’s – 1960’s was the coolest! I was one of 3 girls surfing in those days in & around Ventura. All the other girls were so jealous cuz I knew all the boys! I loved it! In my Senior year in high school I surfed everyday either before 1st period or right after school. It was just one of those I GOTTA DO THIS moments I determined myself to do. Self motivated I told you, ha! My fave board was my custom 10’2” Dewey Weber my Dad drove me to buy, right before my 16th bday. OH GOSH WISH I HAD THAT BOARD TODAY!”