Betty Belts Testimonials


“We at Cannon Beach Surf enjoy selling Betty Belt products. They fit into our store plan, by not being available in every department store in the city. When our customers come to our store, they want high quality goods from small companies. One of our goals for our stores is to do business with nice people, who like ourselves, are small business people. Donna fits this criteria perfectly.”Mark Mekenas, owner, Cannon Beach Surf and Mercantile, Cannon Beach, Oregon

“Betty Belts represents the heart of America and small business practices and a sense of community. This is something that has been lost and needs to be rediscovered. Support local small business who support others!”
Shawn Alladio, K38 Rescue, Betty Belts Ambassador

“She wears them all the time. I never found it so easy to find something that she liked!”
Jeff Belzer, Lifeguard and exceptional Surfer, bought the “Mary” earrings for his Mom’s birthday.

“You guys make everyone’s waistline look just a little better! Thanks!”
Holly Beck, Surf Icon and Betty Belts Ambassador

“I wear it 24/7. Everyone likes it, especially women. It reminds me of my connection to the sea and the BIG picture.”
David Pu’u, Ocean Photographer, wears the “Dogtag” mother of pearl necklace for guys and girls

“My absolute favorite surf style element is a belt made with seashells from the Betty Belts line. These wide-banded belts look great with low-riding jeans, cut-offs, or a denim skirt; I have the Oliana style and love the way it adds just a touch of surf style to any outfit.”
Stef McDonald, Editor, Lucky Magazine

“There IS no other really original company in this industry! Donna has brought something wonderful to a stale industry! Way to go Donna!”
Kate Davis, owner, Alliance Board Company, Paso Robles, CA

“Betty B was one of the first things that I noticed when I moved to Ventura, Ca. It’s not too often that you get to meet someone who strives to do what they love most in life. In a world where cities are swallowed up by huge department stores and chains, Donna offers a creative haven for those of us who don’t want to wear a necklace or bracelet that millions of other people in the country own as well. There would be no Betty B without Donna, for they are truly both one of a kind.”
Charlotte Rae Pimentel, Customer

“Its a unique operation that supports womens surfing, our environment and beautiful town, Ventura!”
Mary Osborne, Surf Icon, Team Betty Ambasador

“I love her store and the cool people I always seem to meet there. I always seem to find something for either my wife or myself. She has designs that look great that you can feel great about. Small businesses are the heartbeat of our society. Donna’s business always makes me smile, because of the care she takes in everything she designs and every person she meets.”
Ray Bowman, customer

“They are exquisite. What a beautiful way to adorn one’s hips or waist!”
Cathi Schenkel, happy customer from Waukegan, IL

“I have a jewelry box full of handmade pieces from Betty Belts and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing how Donna gives back to her community and her team riders. She is a tremendously generous person. Donna is passionate about surfing, the environment, connecting people, forming tribes, sustainable communities, supporting her team riders, supporting local arts, and donating her time to worthy causes.”
Zuri Star, Music Betty“Betty fits my style to a T. I’m always getting compliments on my jewelry or bags, or the way I’ve paired outfits with accessories. However, I have a hard time finding items as gorgeous and unique as the ones on this website living here in Massachusetts, so the majority of my cool stuff comes from my trips to California, Colorado, and Arizona. I also REALLY appreciate purchasing items from and supporting small, independent, original companies such as this, in a world where chain stores are sprawling everywhere, smothering out creativity and originality in apparel/accessories and the shopping experience in general.”
Jill Glidden, Framingham, MA“The soul of the ocean, The soul of our sport. How special to be able to give this presentation to our customer. It fits all the clothing we sell at our beach boutique. To be a specialty shop is to offer something special and different. Thanks Donna for bringing your products to our coast.”
Steve Hennigh – owner, Good Clean Fun Surf and Sport, Cayucos, CA, est. 1975“Betty’s accessories complete my beachy/surfer look that I usually stroll around in. I can wear your accessories and never feel over the top or overdone. I feel just like myself with a little seashell bling to bring out the beach girl in me. It feels like home to me.”
Melody Gonzaga, surfer, from Waipahu, Hawaii“Not only does Betty Belts have unique accessories that make a statement of personal style, but the owner, Donna, is an absolute doll who makes a positive difference in this world.”
Kiley Olivier, Customer“Betty Belts has generously donated to the East Coast Wahines year after year- the personal thought, genuine interest and kind conversations we have had with Donna over the years is one we value greatly.”
Anne Beasley, East Coast Wahines“Just wanted to let you know that I received the belt and it is gorgeous! One of my neighbors was here when I received it and she almost took it home with her. Thanks again.”
Sherry Milstein, Customer“Thanks again for rushing out my order. I was trying to pull everything out of the box and some customers came in this a.m. and bought 3 pieces before I could even get them priced! I’m over the top excited about the line. Just gorgeous.”
Cathy MacQueeen, Retailer“There are a few businesses that have gone against the grain, and tried to return to delivering “value in genesis”; ones that come to my mind are Patagonia and Betty Belts. For instance the whole story behind a Betty Belts piece of jewelry, once absorbed, adds great intrinsic value to the piece – on a human/feelings level, but not on a market price level. The story makes you feel great.”
Eric Pederson, Ocean Lover

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