Name:  Tiare Thomas Harris

Fave Betty design: Playa Cowrie Shell Hoops

Home break: Queens & Canoes (Waikiki Beach)

Dream surf spot: Sunshine, tropical bikini weather, clear water, long rides, 3-4 ft (Hawaiian), sections for nose riding, carving, and barrelsbreaks

Go-to board: 9.0 Walden Magic Model

Sponsors: Betty Belts

Social: @tiarethoms @alohadreamboard @mixoilogyhawaii

I love the ocean because…I love the ocean because…it brings me joy, nouishment, liberation, and healing.

Career & Surf Milestones: Surfed around the world (Australia, France, Hawaiian Islands, Tahiti, Maldives, Japan, Costarica, etc.), Stand Up Paddle Molokai Channel relay race,  Tandem Surfing Waimea Bay, Backdoor and Honolua Bay. 

Fun side note: Mary was one of  very first surfers to join Team Betty & we’ve loved working with her ever since.