Wow! What can I say, ten beautiful work filled days in Hawai’i, The Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Fest, The World Tandem Surfing Championships and a lot of good friends. David and I went with a small crew to shoot for a documentary about the history of the sport (surfing) and Hawai’i, which I helped him on. I often assist him and do hair and make-up on shoots so that we can travel together. They shot for six days at Waikiki, in and out of the water, interviewing icons of the surfing world including the original Gidget, Jehrico Popplar and the big Hawaiian surfing families.

Find out more about the Duke Ocean Fest and tandem surfing here:
duke foundation

I also had the opportunity to have my company Betty B. sponsor the World Tandem Surfing Championships, which was a very exciting event in the sexy world of Tandem surfing to say the least.

It was very exciting for me to see the men and women of the tandem couples wearing my jewelry throughoout the event. For the first time, I included some men’s styles in my sponsorship package.

I will plan on doing more of that, starting with the C-Street contest this weekend (Sept. 16th and 17th) at Surfer’s Point in Ventura and the Donnie Solomon PRO Am Memorial contest further up the beach from there (Pipe). Click on the links to find out more and how to enter.
C-Street Longboard Contest
Western Surfing Association