Travel Tips from the Betty Belts Surf Team, Water Women Who Travel the Globe and Surf

Editor’s note: This is the first in what will be a series of Betty Blog articles that feature advice from my fabulous team of surfers, a very talented group of water women who spend a lot of time in the ocean, on planes, in front of the camera, at school or university. I am blessed to have such a great group of women not only as friends, but also as surf buddies and as ambassadors and models for all of my jewelry and belts. I hope you will enjoy getting to know them here and on the website. To see more on the Betty Team, please visit the website at

Traveling can be stressful. As much as we enjoy it, it’s always nice to pick up some good travel tips that help make it easier in some way. Here is some practical and useful advice from the group of talented female surfers that make up the Betty Belts Surf Team.

Mary Osborne – Pro Surfer, Model, TV-Host, Surf Icon
“My best travel advice for any traveler is to travel light. It becomes so difficult when traveling alone and trying to lug things in and out of cars, buses, planes etc. I am still trying to perfect this but it becomes difficult when I am dragging around my longboards, clothing bag and backpack to get to a location. Anything with travel wheels is such a nice touch and benefit to have. I love my Pro Lite longboard bag and my Patagonia “freightliner” bag because they both have wheels. It becomes pretty simple. I always carry my necessities in my backpack on my back that way I don’t leave anything laying around and lose it.
Another funny tip I have is when you are in a hurry and trying to get through customs avoid the escalators. People take their sweet old time on those things. I have beat so many people through customs by just taking the stairs. It gets your legs and blood moving too after a long flight too.”

Holly Beck – Pro Surfer, Sports Model, TV-Host, Globetrotter
Holly’s advice for a long haul surf trip:
1. Drink plenty of water long enough before a flight so that you don’t have to get up and go to the bathroom every five minutes.
2. Take Tylenol PM or your preferred sleep aid so that you actually fall asleep and don’t even notice the 14 hour flight dragging on and on.
3. Bring a smaller backpack in addition to your carry-on so that you don’t have to empty out everything from your carry-on in order to pack a surf pack for the day.
4. ALWAYS pack your toiletries and sunscreen in plastic bags so a leak isn’t a problem!
5. Healthy snacks like nuts, trail mix, or dry fruit are much better than airplane and airport food. Bring enough for yourself and your traveling companions.

Hailey Partridge – Surfer, Model and Twin, High School Senior
“I never travel without antibiotic ointment, chapstick, sunscreen and eye shades. Those are my very necessary essentials for every trip I go on.”

Sierra Partridge – Surfer, Model and Twin, High School Senior
“The best travel advice I have is to always have an open mind, be flexible, nice and courteous to everyone you meet, bring bottled water, and always research and/or talk to people about where to surf and what to do so you have the most fun on your trip!

Sasha La Rochelle – Touring Pro Skateboarder, Tribal Dancer, College Student
“Before you go to a new place look into what the city is like. Study maps so it will be easier to get around. If it’s a different country look into their customs and what type of food they eat. Pretty much any little thing you know about that place before you go there will help you while you are there.”

Anna Garaway – Surfer, a local in Santa Cruz and Costa Rica
“I always bring some surf t-shirts and old and new surf magazines with me when travelling, it stokes out the locals and helps me get waves in the water! Also a smile goes a long way in most countries.”

Jeanette Ortiz – Surfer, High School Junior
“Anywhere I have ever traveled, two items are must-haves: Noise-canceling headphones and Cortazon Anti-Itch Cream. Being able to drown out the sounds of the monotonous airplane ride and escape into your own musical world is a valuable (and often underestimated) advantage. Secondly, from personal experience, having 20 mosquito bites up and down your leg can ruin a vacation. Taking a powerful anti-itch cream soothes the worst bites and lets you enjoy your valuable vacation time!

Chelsea Zaniboni – Surfer, High School Student, often seen in Mexico and Costa Rica
“Travel with a friend to share the experience with. It helps it they are a nice strong guy so they can carry your stuff too! ”

Donna von Hoesslin, Owner/Designer @ Betty Belts
“I never travel to third world countries without concentrated Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). It’s a very handy and effective natural anti-microbal that is darned good at preventing Bali Belly and Montezuma’s Revenge when taken after eating questionable food, but also works as a disinfectant in wounds and on surfaces, a fruit and veggie wash, and so much more.