Recenty I got an email from 2 Times Square in New York City, home of Conde Nast Publishing, where all the editorial offices for those big glossy magazines are located. It was from a production assistant at Allure Magazine, asking how they could get in touch with two of my team riders, the beautiful and talented twins Sierra and Hailey Partridge.
One thing led to another and within a few weeks the girls were flown down to a shoot on the beach in Southern California to do a piece on Surfing Beauties.

Surfing Beauty Shoot for Allure Magazine
The twins on the Allure Surfing Beauties set with Roxy pro surfer Kassia Meador and the other models.

It was not their first time modeling, they’ve been modeling for Betty Belts, Hobie and O’Neill in exotic places like Maui and The Big Island as well as in their beautiful home in Santa Cruz. But my little company, Betty Belts, was the first sponsor to bring them into the public eye and really help get their careers taking off. The contribution of my absurdly talented husband-to-be, photographer David Pu’u is a key factor. A former pro surfer himself, he has been very supportive of my team riders and women’s surfing. See David’s work and more of the girls on my website

Hailey Partridge, a surfing beauty ready for the camera
Hailey Partridge, a surfing beauty ready for a camera.

I asked Sierra and Hailey about their Allure experience and here’s what they had to say along with some snapshots they took from the day.

What you enjoyed most?

Hailey: The shoot with Allure was an amazing experience that I was very fortunate to have experienced. What I enjoyed most about the shoot was what Sierra and I called “the star treatment”. We were picked up from the airport in an Escalade, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton (and got to order lots of room service!), we got manicures and pedicures from a professional manicurist who does Hollywood stars’ nails and our hair styled by a hair stylist flown all the way from London. They had two huge trailers for us to relax in and they delivered us catered breakfast and lunch. Overall, it was an amazing experience, everything they did for us and the other models was a little extravagant but I wasn’t complaining! I also really enjoyed getting to meet Kassia Meador (Roxy surfer) as well as the other two models, Katarina Lyerly and Megan Abrigo, they were all so friendly and were very genuine and down-to-earth girls.

Hailey Partridge in the hair and make-up trailer
Hailey Partridge getting the “star treatment” in the hair and makeup trailer: a rubdown with body oil.

What you learned?

Sierra: I learned that there is so much work that goes into a magazine. This was just one article and it took a month to plan and about 30 people behind the scenes to bring it all together.

Your favorite shoot so far?

Hailey: My favorite shoot was the 2007 Hobie swimwear shoot in Kona last November with David Pu’u. David is the most fun photographer to work with and the week long shoot was an incredible experience. We got to swim with dolphins (totally unplanned) and it was amazing.

Sierra: My favorite shoots are the Hobie shoots with David (Pu’u) because every day is new and exciting, and I’ve gotten to experience some things that I would’ve never been able to do like swimming with wild dolphins and catching waves in an outrigger.
This is one of the photos from the Hobie shoot. Sierra is swimming with wild dolphins. Easy to see why it’s their favorite!