Here are some pictures from a fun little street shoot the Betty Belts Surf Team did here in downtown Ventura with photographer David Pu’u. Six Betty Belt Surf Team riders came together, got dolled up and struck poses. All the girls are wearing Betty B. jewelry and looking HOT!
Betty Belts Surf Team
Betty Belts Team Surfers Strike a Pose. Right to left Sierra Partridge, Jeanette Ortiz, Mary Osborne, Bo Stanley, Hailey Partridge. Mary (center, is wearing my Sula Lariat in pearl black as a necklace and matching Sula bracelet), photo copyright David Pu’u

Mary Osborne
Mary Osborne on the street with her fish. Photo copyright David Pu’u

Betty Belts Surf Team and Naval Officers
Sierra Partridge, Mary Osborne and Hailey Partridge posing with some Air Force dudes who spontaneously joined our street shoot. Photo copyright David Pu’u.

Sierra Partridge
Sierra looking like a rockstar in her zebra dress and the Jeanette recycled glass necklace along with my matching Jeanette bracelet and leather bangles in black and special edition white. Photo copyright David Pu’u

Donna and her girls
That’s me, Donna, in the front with my girls! I’m wearing the Chelsea Heart necklace. Photo copyright David pu’u

Jeanette looking HOT!
Jeanette is looking way too HOT. Don’t get burned!
Photo copyright David Pu’u

Betty Belts Surf Team
The Betty Belts Surf Team wants you! Hailey on the far right wearing the Adonia belt in black. Photo copyright David Pu’u

Donna and Mary
I love this shot of Mary and I walking down the street. Photo copyright David Pu’u.Bo Stanley
Bo Stanley is looking sweet and stunning in Navy. She is wearing the Silver Ball Necklace and the Open Heart Cuff. My favorite red hoop earrings in my collection are named after Bo, the “Bo” earrings. Photo copyright David Pu’u

Mary and Alex
Mary’s friend Alex showed up and decided to play. That’s the Betty Bus behind them, my 1961 Chevy Corvair Greenbrier, lookin’ cherry! Photo copyright David Pu’u

It’s always so much fun getting everyone together for a shoot like this.

We’ve done others in the past year that I will try to post soon!

Smiles and Aloha,