Seth Godin is my favorite blogger. In fact, his is the only blog I subscribe to and read almost every day (that alone, says a lot).
He blogged today about something that has been on my mind a lot lately, as I see small and large businesses fold like dominoes around us.
Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

My brick and mortar Betty B. shop in downtown Ventura is sometimes referred to as the best kept secret in Ventura because it’s a little hard to find, tucked away around a corner. But when you do walk in the door, you are welcomed warmly into a treasure trove of affordable and appealing fair trade goodies and personable customer service.
We can’t help but want to create a memorable and friendly experience for each and every person who walks in the door. We help you find the right style, color and size, we gift wrap it for you if you need it, we keep a wish list on file for customers who want that, we polish your silver and fix your ear wires if they got bent out of shape. I imagine this is what shops were like in a past era before the advent of the big box retailers. And it seems to be going back in that direction again… at least from my perspective. Because a lot of my customers are actually telling me they are CHOOSING to support my business instead of “going to the mall”.

This seems to sum it up. Our brick and mortar doors opened in August 2007 and we have only had three returns/exchanges since.

I love efficiency like that!

Thank you, everyone, for so much loyalty and support!