I posted this some time ago and assumed everyone has seen it, alas, I live in a bubble of eco-consciousness. Most of my customers already consider the source when they shop and that’s why they choose Betty Belts and Betty B. They know we manufacture ethically. Always have, since 2003.


So lately it became obvious to me that this needs to be reposted to get the word out beyond my radius of conscious friends, customers and like-minded business owners.
Please pass it on, post it, twitter it, blog it, email it on to help educate about what the REAL cost is for the goods we consume.
Make your kids watch this, your parents, your students, your friends.
This is stuff people need to know.

Meanwhile I’ll try to find the time to blog about why I won’t sell my brand to big box retailers.

Smiles and optimism for the new year!

Betty Belts