Powerhouse Shawn Alladio blogged some amazing insight on my purpose with my little accessories company. You may recall in an earlier post, that I wrote about Shawn and her gnarly Ocean Safety Rescue Course which four of the Betty Belts Surf Team Riders accomplished a few months back.

While reading her words, I am completely blown away and honored that I can inspire someone as inspiring as she is. I feel that is a big goal in life, to inspire others and be inspired. Thank you, Shawn!

“I am really honored to be wearing Betty Belt creations because they so much mirror what I would like to design for myself, the types and styles of Earth meets Water with the sense of accountability.

I applaud Donna, because she works so hard, diligently and with a lot of consideration for her work and those she supports. She looks ahead to the future and to those in less fortunate circumstances than you and I and she truly makes a real concerted difference. Not just a donation, not just a concerned thought, she puts forth effort to elicit change in an area many of us cannot grasp entirely but have somewhat of an idea: sustainability.

I know this woman, have been to her BB shop in Ventura and wear her creations daily…”
Read Shawn’s entire post on the K38 Blog.