Dear Friends,
I am applying for a grant for much needed funding to improve the business to the benefit of all involved.
Click on the link below and read my funny story. You will read things about my past that you probably never knew and it will probably make you laugh.
RATE it as inspiring, useful, or funny, all three, please, if you feel so inclined. Every rating counts and I know with your support we can win one of the grants! Here is the link to do it:

After rating and commenting, you will be asked to log in to the Intuit Community or register, only takes 30 seconds, but well worth the opportunity to help me win one of 50 grants of $5000 each and to then qualify for a $25K grant! You know my business and what a difference I could make with some extra funding. Thank you so much for your ratings!

Please forward to anyone you know who can help and also anyone involved on any level with Intuit, i.e. bookkeepers, etc.). They will most likely already have a profile and want to help.

Thank you so very much! I appreciate you all so much and every vote counts!

In Gratitude,