Ban Styrofoam

I received this email letter today from Environment California Legislative Director Dan Jacobson.
Very important subject and ridiculous that nothing has changed yet. But it is easy to change if we simply ask for it at places that sell take out food and beverages.
Right now companies are more than ever willing to listen to their customers and take action.

It’s not just in the ocean, but in our streets, in our landfills and in our parks. Let’s stop it now!


Have you ever been at the beach and noticed all the tiny pieces of Styrofoam in the sand?

Or, have you ever worked to clean up a beach only to realize that nothing you could ever do would remove all those little pieces of Styrofoam? That’s why we need to ban single-use Styrofoam containers today.

Join the 7,000 people who have called on the governor to take action.

Why not just ask the fast-food chains to use bio-degradable takeout containers? It just seems crazy that we would use something for 10 minutes and then have it float in the ocean, or lie in the sand, for hundreds and hundreds of years.

The benefits simply do not outweigh the costs.
Styrofoam (expanded and extruded polystyrene foam) is getting more and more pervasive in the marine environment. When littered or blown from trashcans, it is carried from streets and through storm drains out to the ocean. It breaks into smaller and smaller pieces that wash onto the shore, and which animals mistake for food.

Styrofoam has not been around long enough to know its true life. Most scientists agree that it will break down into increasingly smaller pieces but never disappear.

Let’s ban single-use Styrofoam takeout containers before they cause any more damage. Click on the link below to tell the governor that you want to take back your beaches. And please, forward this e-mail to your family and friends.

Thanks for standing up for our beaches,

Dan Jacobson
Environment California Legislative Director
[email protected]