The beautiful Balinese people who I have been working with for six years now on the production of Betty Belts and Betty B. can teach us a lot about generosity, love and appreciation. One thing I have never seen among the Balinese is a sense of entitlement. They practice gratitude every day with their daily ritual of offerings and frequent ceremonies. It’s mind-boggling for a westerner to see how much of their productivity is spent (not wasted!) on offerings, but eventually you understand that it is what makes them who they are and it would be a terrible thing if that should ever change. As a society, they have a balance that is enviable for the rest of us. It’s why we are so enchanted with Bali.

So I’d like to offer up a post about Appreciation in the New Year because I know it will enrich our lives to practice more of it. There is so much to appreciate. Always look for it.

Tell people you appreciate them.
Tell God you appreciate him and what he has given/created.
Look around you and appreciate what you have, because there is always someone out there who has less to appreciate than you do.
It might not be an easy habit to develop, but it will benefit so many that the benefits will be innumerable.

I appreciate you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for enjoying.
Thank you for keeping the Betty Brand pulsing in these unsteady times.

I’m wishing you a new year (a lifetime!) of love, sweetness, joy and most of all, appreciation!

Smiles from Ventura,

Donna von Hoesslin

Owner/Designer at Betty Belts/Betty B., Member Team Betty

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