Instead of the typical Black Friday sale, adding to the flood of emails you are inevitably receiving (I know I sure am) from retailers competing for your eyeballs and wallets, we really want to offer something different here at Betty B.

I consider this whole Black Friday hoopla a race to the bottom I do not want to participate in as a retailer. I would rather join the race to something different, something human and out of a space of generosity for others not so fortunate, not out of greed.

It’s so funny because my daily read Seth Godin blogged about this very subject today: In a Hurry to be Generous

So here it is, my Thanksgiving Weekend Special:

  • All Weekend Long Thursday-Sunday we are donating 25% of all sales in the online shop to Clean Ocean Action, a cause currently devoted to coordinating a rebuilding, recovering, and restoration program for communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.
  • And 25% of all Ventura shop sales on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be donated to Clean Ocean Action.
  • I have a free surprise gift for all shoppers on all three days who come in to the retail store and spend $25. What is it? Come in and find out!
  • Saturday is a big day for AMEX users, as they can get a $25 statement credit for shopping small and that includes Betty Belts. Sign up now if it’s not too late (offer is capped):

Throughout the weekend, I will be posting how much money we’ve raised so far on the Betty Belts FB page as tie allows. Thank you notes go out to all making online orders here stating the amount from their purchase that gets donated. My first online order came in this morning and I am happy to say so far it’s $49.75. If you are planning on buying some of your holiday gifts from me and want to make a difference with your wallet, do it before Sunday night, please.

That said, we are planning another cause day December 2nd for Friends of the Ventura River.

Oh, lest I forget! My husband, David Pu’u, has jumped in and will be donating 25% of his royalties from his print sales until the end of December to Clean Ocean Action. Read about it in his blog: Tis the Season. Enjoy a tiny sampling of his work below.

"Gratitude" by David Pu'u

“Gratitude” by David Pu’u Surfer: Sean Tully

Light Fantastic: Happiness

Light Fantastic: Happiness by David Pu’u Surfer: Sean Tully


“Enlightenment” by David Pu’u

Sierra Partridge by David Pu'u

Sierra Partridge by David Pu’u

Pink Champagne Barrel by David Pu’u Surfer: Larry Ugale