Bold, seductive, Sirena

Told across oceans of the world is a timeless tale of an enchanting aquatic being with beauty so sublime, and voice so alluring, sea men would walk off the decks of grand ships hypnotized into deep waters never to surface again.

Her legend spread from the deep to distant lands. They called her Sirena; a spellbinding siren of the sea–a captivating damsel with the face of an angel and the shimmering tail of a fish. We know this maritime maiden as the Mermaid.

Each inspired Sirena ring is made of pure sterling, and is crafted by hand with a traditional Balinese “dot technique” used by master Balinese silversmiths for centuries.


A flawless flush fit

Genuine sea glass is centered in the ring with a silver “rope” surrounded by glimmering texture reminiscent of mermaid scales.The curved oval bezel lays flush to the top of the finger, and is encircled by pearl-like spheres, framing the opulent layers of this treasure. Imprinted inside of the band is the origin of where the sea glass was found, along with Donna’s authenticating initials.


An authentic story inside every ring

Be legendary, hypnotize, and enchant with one of Betty B’s freshest Spring ring designs.


Sizes 4-9 available

As are all Betty B creations, the Sirena is Made with Dignity. Our fair-practice design studio sustainably supports the livelihood of our Balinese team of workers and the local community. We feel blessed to be able to connect the talented individuals who skillfully produce our signature jewelry to you, our cherished customer.