Sunrise at the Villa L'Orange

Sunrise at the Villa L’Orange, Bali

Ahhh, Bali!

It feels so good to be back. After 12 years of coming to Bali, my search for a better paradise has come to an end. You see, I found this place, Villa L’Orange, by chance, on Google Earth actually. It was on my last trip here, while scanning this coastline for a lesser known surf spot a friend had told me about. I fell in love with the place and we ended up staying the remaining eight days without leaving the place.

High five welcome back to Bali. Seems like here's always a cute puppy here at the beach.

Beach Puppy high five welcoming us back to Bali. 

David and I changed it up a bit this time, and will be staying the entire three weeks here at the villa instead of in Ubud. We’ve been here for three nights now and haven’t left except to go to the beach and gather sea glass and imagery (David). The surf hasn’t been happening for me yet, but my board is waxed and ready to go when I am. But we are both abuzz with music and art and creativity here in our Bali digs… the surroundings just feed that here.

Sea glass delight. Pieces sorted to become future pendants.

Sea glass delight. Pieces sorted to become future pendants.


Patterned sea glass is always extra fun to design with.

My sea glass is spread out on the table on our veranda and I am enjoying the sorting and design process. David got right to work shooting time lapses and the beauty that surrounds us.


The pool at the villa is enjoyed to the max by resident Goldens Andrea and Bella.

We made new friends here, who were working on some new music when we arrived, and jumped right into the creative process. We already made some art together with more in the works as I write this. Adina and Markus are enchanting human beings along with the owners, Mr. T and Iulian. Inspiring and lively conversations have been the norm and new ideas bloom like lotus flowers.

Adina Butar jumped in the pool to for a quick shoot with David and I before leaving for her next show on her Indonesia tour. We channeled her inner mermaid!

Adina Butar jumped in the pool to for a quick photo shoot with David before her flight out, channelling her inner mermaid! She is wearing one of my seaglass mermaid tear charms on a braided cord along with my Adina pearl necklace/bracelet.

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Sunrise at Villa L’Orange, Bali à la David Pu’u

Life is beautiful and I give thanks.

– Donna