Take a peek at my husband’s recent work with Team Betty and Mother Ocean this past winter in this short Youtube clip highlighting the new edition of the 8″x8″ mini canvas collection prints we sell at my Ventura shop. These prints are the perfect size to hang just about anywhere and are signed by the artist, thus highly collectible. They are also curated to work well together in groups and rows in small or large spaces.

If you see any you want in the clip, take screen shots and send to me at seaglass @ bettybelts .com to reserve yours. If we don’t already have it in stock, we can have it printed, stretched and signed for you relatively quickly.

Prints are just $46 each, 2 for $80, 3 for $110, and then each additional $35 each after that at time of purchase.

I love this clip because it shares a glimpse of the beauty of Team Betty from various shoots we’ve done together here in California, Bali, and Costa Rica with the youngest, Marin Havassy, at age 6, ripper Emma Stone of San Francisco, who just turned 14 along with Breana Schroeder, who fights Cystic Fibrosis like a champ doing Tandem Surfing and spending as much time in the water as possible. Also featured in this clip are surfers Cayden Edman, Asia Carpenter, Taylor Bruynzeel, Vienna Werner, Ming Hui Brown, Hailey and Sierra Partridge, Jenny Doll, our friend Rose Huizenga and myself.

Here’s just a tiny sample below…


Pu’u PCH wave 7272


Pu’u Santa Ana Wave 7792

SAM_5419sq 2

Cairn sea glass pendant by Betty Belts


Pu’u Bali Plumeria 7132c2


Breana by Pu’u 7859


Pu’u Heart Wave 1762-2c2