For those of you who get curious about their far off adventures, here’s a glimpse into life on the road  to Bali with David & Donna.

From David’s Blog

Life as a Ceremony

Days and nights have been full of image creation. My little MBP is on 24 hour duty cycles processing time lapse sequences. The collection of clips completed on this trip is at 22 and building as I write this.

I have been exploring the dynamics of a time lapse program called Panolapse. It is a good asset to have in my arsenal of programs. The developer and I have exchanged a few e mails. I am impressed at what the man has done and is doing. Grateful, actually. It makes my job as a Cinematographer much less equipment intensive. That is incredibly important when one travels to shoot.

Last night some of our friends flew in and just as it was exactly a year prior, we are in our beautiful and peaceful surroundings in the villas owned by friends met here several years ago.

With Donna keeping some amazing cocktails in our hands, we were up late. A music mix played on the house sound system and we were seated on a terrace overlooking the beautiful grounds of where we stay at Villa L Orange.

We caught up a bit. All of us having been all over this blue marble in the year since we have seen each other, the reunion was cherished. As a group, we see and experience a lot. We had so much to share with each other. Markus, remarked at how cool it is when you see friends, that you can simply pick up where you left off mid conversation prior. It really is like that.

The perspective acquired in the manner in which we live our lives is something all of us who get to travel and create, are aware of as being quite a gift. So we try to share some of that when possible.

Up early before dawn today, I checked in on my MBP which worked all through the night, and the Ocean, and in turn, somewhat grogily wandered back to bed, where in a dead sleep for what must have been another hour, the sweet scent of morning woke me in this way:

A female voice, singing beautifully in prayer, softly permeating my dreams and luring me sweetly and gently into another day here on Bali.

Donna was all about getting into the water for a morning surf, and was shortly out the door.

I methodically tended to the loading of my water housing and soon meandered into the bright morning sun and onto the path to the nearby surf break. As the surf came in view, right at the end of the path was a man seated facing the ocean. Hands pressed together raised overhead in prayer.

That is how it is here.

This matters a lot.

If you know.

You should.