(Originally published 11.22.17)

Why we created Bright Friday and the No More Black Friday credo

Every year, we choose to raise the bar on the first “shopping day” of the Holidays, by holding a Betty Belts Cause Day (one of many over the years benefitting various causes we believe in).  

Bright Friday is now a Betty Belts tradition.

This is why:

Bright Friday allows us to come together as a Community, and through the act of shopping for our loved ones, generate benefit to people in need.

On this awesome day, you’re invited to delight in choosing treasured BB gifts from the sea that speak to the people you love, and simultaneously share your kindness and generosity during the Holiday season as 20% of all money spent on those purchases will be donated on Monday directly to East Bali Poverty Project.

We think of it as a Christmas card filled with love and impact, to the rest of the world, from all of us.

This week on…

Betty Belts Bright Friday
20% of our gross sales
(online and in-store)
will be donated to
East Bali Poverty Project

Click on the links and this little video we made below to learn more about how this cause organization is reviving a once desolate and forgotten community by providing education, health care, sustainable agriculture and community economic development. You can support the amazing work these devoted folks do in educating their youth for a bright future by visiting our beautiful Downtown Ventura shop, the Ocean Room Gallery & through shopping online this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Or, even better, donate directly.

“Charity feeds for a day. EBPP empowers for a lifetime.”

– David Booth, retired civil engineer and founder

Thank you for helping us continually make a difference in so many people’s lives by supporting our small business.

With loving gratitude,

Donna & the Betty B. Family

**UPDATE** We raised $1603 thanks to all of you who were a part of this. Thank you to all of you who “shopped for a cause” this Thanksgiving Weekend!? We are beyond grateful to know just how much this will help these people who are getting a second chance at life after being isolated and forgotten for over three decades! 

This short video provides a glimpse of Bali and East Bali Poverty Project.

This powerpoint presentation charts the progress EBPP has made since help arrived in 1998. This is so inspiring! East Bali Poverty Project Progress Report 1998 – 2016

“What we spend, we lose.
What we keep will be left for others.
What we give away will be ours forever.” 
― David McGee