Dear Ocean Ohana,

Wow, what an amazing 2016 we have had! And we are extremely grateful for it. We grew our family and expanded, we opened a gallery, we made many new friends, we got wiser and more creative. We have a lot to be grateful for.


I have always believed we need to show our gratitude. We make a difference which matters in the world, when our actions succeed in putting wings to our words.

This is how great work happens, and blessing rains down in a community and for others we would want to touch around the world.

This coming year, may you be blessed beyond all that you can ask wish or hope for, and in turn take that blessing and share it with others.

Thank you for being a part of all we do through our little company. You made this so much fun and successful beyond what we had hoped for… And we did this together!

As we “ring in the new year” (pun intended for sure) all of us here in California and on Bali, who work to create our ocean-centric art, offer this word of inspiration.

“The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.”
– Anaïs Nin

With love and gratitude, 

Donna, David and the Betty / Ocean Room Family in California and Bali