Simple & Easy 3 Ingredient Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

(aka Cayden’s everyday green smoothie for short)

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I make this smoothie before school, surfing, or any daily activities in the morning because it is simple, quick, easy and well… I’m usually in a little rush and can drink it in the car ride to school or wherever. It wakes me up and fuels me for the morning. I’ll even make a small batch after a run or surf sesh while I’m cooking a more filling, late breakfast so that I still get fruits and veggie in my diet. It’s also a nice treat to just take to the beach!

 Try this green goodness yourself!

Literally it’s as simple as one, two, three …then just add water.

The three ingredients are:

1. Frozen Mango

2. Fresh Spinach

3. Frozen Pineapple

Buy the largest bags of each ingredient from your local market so you’re always stocked up. Throw in a handful of mango, a handful of spinach, a handful of pineapple, and pour in a little coconut water (or filtered water) to get things blending easier. There you have it, an easy and very delicious green smoothie. You can add more or less, somewhat equal parts of each ingredient to make more or less quantity. If you want to get wild, throw in an apple or even a banana to mellow out the tangy fruit flavors.

*Tip: Put spinach in between layers of fruit so it gets blended into the smoothie better than if it were to sit up on top.


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