The turning of the New Year tide has been nothing short of an intense emotional storm for our beach community due to the destruction of the Thomas Fire and following catastrophic mudslides.

Yet, after these dark days we must shine bright with fierce beauty and strength of spirit.

Coming into 2018 brought with it heartbreak and unimaginable loss, but it also brought a golden opportunity. A historic moment in time for us to really show up and support one another– a challenge to get back up together, to boldly love and care for each other in ways only a deep, collective pain can give rise to.

Thank you for rising to the challenge with us. From the ash and mud we will rise beyond strong, we’ll rise Betty Strong.

Hello 2018, goodbye 2017, and sending so much love to you and our beloved Ocean Lovers.

With endless gratitude,

Donna, David, and the Betty Belts Family